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twilsonxpert's gameplay for Fable III (X360)

twilsonxpert earned achievements in Fable III

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twilsonxpert said...
No description entered yet...
Fable III

Fable III (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing
Release Date:
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Really I'm playing on Windows, but it's GFWL so GDNA can't tell the difference.
is that a bug report? :D
You mean any game played through GFWL shows up on your Xbox account?
Not a bug. That's how Windows Live works. It's the same system as Xbox Live. I can play GFWL games, earn achievements and add to my gamerscore even though I don't own an Xbox. So for games that are on 360 and PC, we can't tell the difference. We also get activity for Live games on Windows Phone. I fixed the Fable 3 for PC link, but unless we know explicitly an instance of this happening, we can't tell.
hmmm, yeah, and renaming it to gfwl instead of xbox doesn't suit it either, i guess.

however, it's still an akward situation.
It artificially inflates the apparent popularity of the X360. It is a scheme worthy of a Romulan.
i now wonder how it would record if a game was actually both steam and gfwl tracked at the same time, as many r like that. i guess one would get both on their gamertracker activity.
I would imagine that should cause some sort of conflict, since you're not supposed to be able to enter the same game twice on the same day. The second entry should simply fail, unless somebody has written in an exception to make the second entry overwrite the first.
It's also possible for the same game to be detected as two different but similar games, just as how XFire always tells gDNA that I'm playing the gold edition of Majesty when I only have the original version.
If you look at my calendar, you'll see on Sunday I have this entry and also one for PC. So, there was no conflict. Just confusion.
Of course. They'll count as two different versions because PC and X360 versions are entered separately.
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